Tai Chi 32 steps Sword Form

The Yang and Wu families were involved in Qing dynasty military officer training, and taught sword technique to their students.Traditional Taijijian forms are rooted in martial application, and are thus originally designed to make use of the weapons available at the time of their development. As there was no historical jian type created specifically for taijiquan, the forms were designed around the use a functional jian of the day, being of appropriate weight, balance, sharpness and resilience to be effective in armed combat.太极拳00

Tai Chi 32 steps Sword Form , created in 1957 by Chinese National Physical Education Committee, based on the Sword Form Yang Style.
Movements list:
1 Commencement
2 Three Rings Circle the Moon
3 Big Pole Star
4  The Swallow Dips Its Beak in the Water
5 Block, Poke and Sweep, Right and Left
6  Yecha explorse the sea
7  Holding the Moon
8 The Birds Returns to the Tree at Dusk
9 Black Dragon Swings Tail
10  Green Dragon Emerges from the Water
11 Wind Rolls the Lotus Leaf
12  Lion Shakes Its Head
13 Tiger Holds Its Head
14 Mustang Jumps the Stream
15 Little Star of Dipper
16 Scoop Up the Moon from the Sea Bottom
17 Turn to Shoot the Geese
18 White Ape Presents the Fruit
21 Sweep the Dust into the Wind, Left, Right, Left
20 Push the Boat Along the River
21  Comet Chases the Moon
22 Pegasus Crosses the Sky
23  Lifting the Curtain
24  Wheeling Sword to the left
25 Wheeling Sword to the right
26 Chop with sword
27  Phoenix Spreads Its Wings
28 Yellow Bee Enters Its Nest
29  Holding the Moon
30  Wind Blows the Plum Blossoms
31 The Compass Points South
32 Conclusión


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