Tai Chi 13 steps Form Sun Style

The Sun 13 Steps from was created by Master Li Deyin. It’s a short, simple and beautiful. Great for daily practice.
It’s my favorite shape, it’s nice to do and I can do it in a tight space.

Moviments list:
1、起式  Commencing Form
2、懒扎衣  Lazy about Tying Coat
3、开手  Opening Hands
4、合手  Closing Hands
5、单鞭  Single Whip
6、云手  Wave Hands like Clouds
7、高探马  High Pat Horse
8、搂膝拗步  Brush Knee and Twist Step
9、手挥琵琶  Playing Pi-pa
10、白鹤亮翅  White Crane Spreads its’ Wings
11、双撞捶  Punch with Two Fists
12、阴阳合一  Mix with Yin and Yang Opposites
13、收式  Closing Form


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